The Closure of the Denver Mart Presents Big Opportunity!

After reviewing the available venue options we have contracted with the Colorado Convention Center(CCC) to become the new home of The Colorado Golf Expo (Formerly Denver Golf Expo). The reasons were simple:

  • Stability of the operation-a team of experienced people ready to help
  • Professionalism-the place is always taken care of in the right way and looks good
  • Premier location-The CCC is the best location in Colorado to do an event
  • Opportunity- It is time for us to attract a new audience. The downtown venue will help us to do it.
  • Unions-we will hire, as a show, 3-4 union members to help you move in.
  • Parking-there is a light rail stop underneath the CCC and 1000 discount parking spaces at the Center.
  • Price increase-yes the prices will have to go up because of the new location and union but it would have gone up regardless of where we took the show. Truth be told, we had it real good at the Mart.

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Big event news coming! Check back!

Check Out Our Interactive Floorplan Here!


More fun than you can shake a stick at! The 2022 Colorado Golf Expo will not disappoint!

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