FAQ on the Denver Golf CyberExpo

Frequently Asked Questions About The Denver Golf CyberExpo 2021

What Browser Do You Recommend To View The Online Denver Golf CyberExpo?
We recommend using Chrome.

What Is The Easiest Way To Navigate The Site?
There is a menu button at the top right corner of the home page. This will take you to the Exhibitor Booths, PGA Educational Sessions, In-Booth Demos, Discounts/Promotions, and Samples & Giveaways pages. There is also a section on the home page that shows you all the categories that you can find an exhibitor in.

Why Is There A Virtual Denver Golf Expo?
The Denver Golf Expo is held annually in Feb, however due to COVID, we cannot meet in person. What better way to celebrate the Colorado Golf Industry than with an online show!

Why Are Some of the Vendors not at this online show?
We invited over 2,000 vendors to attend the event. Those that chose to be part of the CyberExpo are very excited to meet with you! If you have a favorite golf course or vendor that is not in attendance, please reach out to them via social media and let them know you would have liked to have seen them so they will join us next time.

When Does The CyberExpo Open And Are There Show Hours?
The website will be available to you starting at 9 am MST on Friday March 12. Some exhibitors will be in their booths to "chat" with you at specific times during the Expo. Live PGA Sponsored Educational Sessions will also be taking place at this time and you can "chat" with the presenters.

Can I Go On The CyberExpo Website After The Show Hours And After March 13?
Yes, you can continue to shop, watch recorded videos, and look at all of the booth information at any time after March 13. The only difference is that the show will not be "live" meaning there will not be anyone to chat with to answer your questions.  Also, some vendors may only offer show specials during the live show times.

Do I Need To Register?
Yes, you need to register if you wish to watch a demo, chat with an exhibitor, or sign up for a giveaway. You will need to sign up in that booth like you normally would at an in-person show.

Will My Email and Contact Information Be Shared With Anyone If I Register?
By registering, you are giving The Denver Golf Expo permission to email you about post-show offers and inform you about future Expos. You may opt-out at any time. You are also giving the Denver Golf Expo permission to share your contact information with the exhibitors you speak to in a private chat (please see below) or for any giveaways you enter.

What Is A Private Chat?
A private chat is something you can register for in a booth or with a class presenter. This is similar to a zoom call and is just between you and the person you are choosing to chat with. The call will take place on the Denver Golf CyberExpo portal. You can choose to turn off your camera and only use your microphone, just like in Zoom.

What Is A Group Chat?
A few of the exhibitors will be available during show hours to "chat" with you live. You can schedule a time (once in the booth) to text chat with them or talk with them live, like a Zoom call. This will allow for others that have questions to chat with them too, similar to if you were standing at a booth. You can turn off your camera if you don’t want to be seen, or request a private chat if you prefer.

What Happens When I Sign Up For An Exhibitor’s E-Newsletter?
Many of the exhibiting companies have a section on their page where you can elect to sign up to receive their e-newsletters. If you choose to do this, you are giving permission to that particular company to send you their emails. You must reside in the United States to sign up for e-newsletters from exhibitors.

How Do I Get The Promotional Codes To Buy Products?
Click on the "Product Details & Offers" link on each product to see directions to purchase. Each exhibitor will sell through their own shopping cart or website or there might be a downloadable coupon that you can print and bring with you to their physical location. All vendors are selling directly on their own websites and not on the CyberExpo site. Your show promotion discount will NOT automatically populate into your cart. You will need to copy and paste it.

How Do I Watch The Classes?
Go to the menu at the top right corner of the homepage and click on "Education Session Schedule." You can register for a class here (you will receive an email calendar invite, so you don't forget) or you can join an ongoing class.

How Do I Search For A Product, Exhibitor or Person?
You can search by clicking the magnifying glass at the top of the home page and entering a search term. You may filter by Person Name, Company Name or Product to narrow your search results. If you search by product you can then filter by Product Category. You can also use the menu bar in the top right corner. To search for an exhibitor, select "Exhibitor Directory" from the website Menu. The Directory lists the exhibitors in alphabetical order. Simply click on an exhibitor name or image to visit the vendor’s booth.

What If I Have An Issue With A Product Or Service I Purchased?
Please reach out to that exhibitor directly to try to resolve the issue.

What If I Want To Exhibit Or Present At The next Denver Golf Expo?
Reach out to us at lcramer@expomasters.com or call 303-771-2000 ext.15

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